Thionville 4.11.2013-9.11.2013

Our program in Thionville (link)

Life in a French family by students

Part 1 The normal day in France is not very different to our life in Germany. The day in France starts at 7.15, so a little bit later than in in my family. Then they walk to school and the school starts at 8.00, at the same time as in Germany. In the French school they have the same curriculum as in our school. They also have special rooms for different lessons like in Germany (for example Biology rooms). At 12 o’clock they go and have lunch. You can eat in the canteen or you go home and eat there (like my exchange partner). Then school goes on until 6 o’clock almost every day. In our school we have afternoon courses only on 2 days in one week and then just until 4 o’clock. In our school you cannot find a canteen, but in some German schools you can find it. In the evening the whole family comes together to have dinner. In my exchange family there are four boys and one girl and the mother and father. The dinners were very delicious and every day you had baguette as an extra dish. My exchange partner goes to bed between 10:45 and 11:30, that is later than in my family at home. (by Fabian Bluhmki)

Part 2 My French family was awesome. They were all friendly, nice and cheerful. The cutest member of the family was the little sister of my partner. Everybody loved her. Every evening we ate together and watched the news. That’s was nice because we had a pretty good atmosphere. At noon my partner and I had lunch in the school cafeteria. That was very different to grandma’s cooking at home! One day we drove to my exchange partner’s grandma. That’s was very nice, because they were all so friendly. It was a pretty good time and I will never forget it. (by Lea Esser)

Part 3 From 4th November to 9th November I was in France with a school project. First of all, I say it has been a fantastic experience and I would like to do it again!

I stayed in a French family. They were so kind with me! Julie was the girl I was  staying with. She is so nice and polite, and a little bit crazy too. We spent a very good time together. On Wednesday, we  had a free afternoon and we could do all we wanted. We went back home, and Julie’s mother cooked a typical dish for me! Then, we decided to go shopping in a new shopping-centre near Thionville, with her mother. She was so funny and she always made us laugh! In the morning, we stayed at school with other members of the project.

But, on Tuesday, we went to Metz. We visited a museum and in the afternoon we went shopping in the city. Julie and I were always with Antonietta, Marie and Lea. We became very good friends!

When we had to leave, we cried a lot because we didn’t want to go back home!

I still miss them, they are all so kind! I hope we will meet again. Antonietta, Nelya and Valentina, my Italian friends, and I,  promised that we’ll go there again! (by an unknown student)

Part 4 I loved my host family.I stayed in theır house for 5 days.And they were  really great,unıque and lovely.

My host friend was so nice and cheerful that I l would never forget her  durıng my lıfe..Her mother was  friendly and realistic .And her little sister Sakina was warm and helpful too.

Her mother always asked me What I wanted for the dinner and she asked Which food I liked most.She made delicious food for me every evening.They  always asked me what to do durıng  the day  and encouragad me to speak englısh as possıble as ı could.

My host friend never made me bored.She was so funny.We danced and played computer every  evenıng.I slept with my host friend together.Because she is just like my sister.

In the last day while i was going to back my hometown,they cried.I felt sad.And they were sad too..They  never wanted me to go back.I have never ımagıned to go abroad and get an opportunıty to meet dıfferent people from dıfferent natıonalıtıes.So I would lıke to thank Mrs.Kaynar and her assıstant Mrs.Karakoc.


Part 5 My name is Nadine and I spent a week in France in a French family with the Comenius project. Now I would like to tell you about my week in France.

Our little journey started on 4 November 2013. In the evening we arrived at the school and my host family was a bit late. After they had arrived we went to their house and had dinner. I don’t remember what the food was called but it was delicious. After dinner I went to bed, because I was very tired.

In the morning my exchange partner woke me up. We had breakfast and went to school; her parents were already working at this time. At school we presented our presentation which we did in Germany. In the afternoon we went to a lasergame and had a lot of fun.

On the next day we went to school again and talked about diary entries which we wrote in Germany. After school, we had a free afternoon and walked around in town. My exchange partner showed me some shops and a small shopping centre and we went to the Moselle.

At 5am my exchange partner and I went to her sport training and after that we went dancing with her mother.

On Thursday we did an excursion to Metz. We visited a museum and after that I bought some souvenirs for my parents.

On Friday we had to go to school again and create a logo for the Comenius project. All students were spit into four groups and had to draw a logo. In the end everybody had to vote for his or her favourite logo. In the afternoon we had to say good bye to everybody and we were all very sad because the week went over so quickly. Later a small group of students went to the Moselle again and we talked about the beautiful time that we spent together.

When my exchange partner and I went home, her parents said that they had borrowed a film on blue ray which we could watch together. I was very happy about that and we spent the last evening together.

On Saturday morning my host family took me to the train station and we took some last pictures. My exchange partner cried because she was so sad that I was about to leave.

I had a beautiful time in France and even if I didn’t see my host family a lot, I really liked them because they were so friendly and nice to me. (by Nadine)

Part 6 Everything started on 20th September – there was a draw for the first travel in the Comenius project – one week in France. We got really lucky! We counted down days to our trip. Finally, the 4th November came. We went to the airport inWarsaw. After 13 hours of travelling by car, plane and buses, we arrived in Thionville.

We were so excited to meet people from other countries: France, Turkey, Italy, Finland and Germany. All of us were a little stressed about meeting our correspondents and their families. Not all of our French friends lived in Thionville. They also lived in Terville and Bertrange – small cities near Thionville. The principal of Lycee Helene Boucher officially greeted us and everybody from foreign countries in the school cafeteria.

Our correspondents – Camille and Romane – are 15. Both of them love gymnastics. Camille’s mum is very nice, but she can’t speak English, which wasn’t a problem, because Camille’s dad was translating. He speaks English very well. Camille also has a younger brother, Hugo, who was very funny. Romane is a bit shy but she’s really friendly. Her sister – Charline – is 14. She’s outgoing and crazy. She likes gymnastics too. Their mom – Sandra – is very nice, honest and always happy. She loves taking photos. Her husband and the girls’ father – Christophe – is shy but friendly. He likes cycling. They’ve got a cat called Nougat and a dog called Sirocco. There was a little problem with cooking because I’m a vegetarian and Romane’s mother told me that she isn’t a fantastic cook. But, in my opinion, every dinner she made was delicious. We ate many things – lots of vegetables and different kinds of cheese. Our families’ houses were really different but we were all happy – we lived well there. Our teachers stayed in a hotel near school.

We all got up at about 6:30 a.m., dressed up and got delicious breakfast with our correspondents’ families. We went to school by bus at about 7:30 a.m. The school is very big! As a greeting everybody kisses each other on cheeks twice. It was quite strange for us but everybody was nice. In school we had a lot of tasks, for example, we had to create the Comenius project logo. French people planned a lot of activities, such as a laser game, a few exhibitions, bowling and a trip to Metz. We could walk around the town, buy souvenirs and have fun.

It was our first time abroad and we really enjoyed it! Visiting France was the best time of our lives!  (by Natalia Matłacka and Aleksandra Stysiek)


Our visit in local newspaper (click the picture for a bigger picture)