Jana from Oberfell Germany

My name is Jana Baitzel and I’m 20 years old. My hobbies are horsebackriding, dancing and sports in general.

I live in the south-west of Germany in a small village, with at least 1080 inhabitants, called Oberfell. It is situated beside the river Mosel. 


And even if we haven’t that much water like here in Finland, I’m glad to live near a river because I like the view oft he water.

The region I live in is called „Untermosel“. It’s famous for its wine; many, many wineyards are located in the (Mosel-)valley. The most popular sort of wine is the white wine “Riesling”.

About 20 km away you can find the next bigger city, Koblenz, with approx. 109.780 inhabitants.

In Koblenz the river Mosel flows into the river Rhine. The place where they join is called “German Corner”, Deutsches Eck. In 1897 there was placed a giant memorial, the equestrian statue of the first German Emperor Wilhelm I., bearing an inscription quoting a German poem: “Nimmer wird das Reich zerstöret, wenn ihr einig seid und treu” (Never will the Empire be destroyed, so long as you are united and loyal).


I also went to school in Koblenz and finished last year with Abitur.

Currently I’m doing an apprenticeship in an industrial company which mainly produces leather jackets http://christ.eu/

This apprenticeship combines working and studying. Four days a week I work in the company and one day I go to school. Studying at school has a supporting function to the work, in a way „learning by doing“.

I’m here in Finland due to an association in our region called „Regionalrat Wirtschaft“. Once a year this association plans a trip for apprentices like me to an other country. They organize accomodations and places to work. We are very happy to have the possibility to do such a traineeship because we learn a lot about work-habits, the culture and the people, and also we improve our English.

When I heard that we will do our traineeship in Finland I was very happy because I have never been to Finland or an other nordic country before. I couln’t wait to see the beautiful nature and get to know the mentality and the culture.

As it turned out, the three weeks were a great experience due to all the friendly and sympathic people I met and which made my stay unforgettable.